"Mountains" of abandoned special waste: the maxi seizure is triggered


There were also special waste that would have polluted the entire plot of land and the surrounding environment. The carabinieri of the Anti-Crime center of the provincial command of Agrigento seized an area belonging to the Industrial Development Consortium on the orders of the Procura della Repubblica of Agrigento. An area – in contrada Borsellino, between Agrigento and Joppolo Giancaxio, used as an illegal dumping ground for various materials. This is only the very last of a long series of kidnappings that, in the last hours, have brought – or better, brought back – the same soldiers of the weapon in the Fondacazzo district.

Who thought that the "war" – declared by the police of the provincial command against the abandonment of waste – was over, was very wrong. In silence: without announcements or proclamations, the soldiers of the weapon continue to literally sift through the entire Agrigento.

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