Motta Sant’Anastasia, under house arrest for drugs continued to sell: arrested

The Carabinieri of the Motta Sant’Anastasia station arrested a 44-year-old local in the act of crime as a serious suspect of detention for the purpose of drug trafficking. During the evening the carabinieri checked several people subjected to restrictive measures at their homes, and, among others, they presented themselves in front of the building on a side street of Via Vittorio Emanuele where the 44-year-old lives.

The military, before having access to the entrance door of the building, met a young man on foot who immediately stiffened at their sight, betraying an ill-concealed nervousness and at the request of the carabinieri to deliver any narcotic substance in his possession, he “spontaneously” extracted from a pocket of the shorts, a wrapper with cocaine inside already divided into a couple of doses.

The military then proceeded to check at the home of the 44-year-old who, despite having understood that he had the carabinieri behind the door, deliberately delayed a few minutes before receiving the “unwelcome” visitors.

The unusual delay in opening the man’s door, under house arrest for drug offenses, did not go unnoticed by the carabinieri who decided to carry out a search of the house which provided useful information to the military.

In particular, as a result of the check carried out in the various rooms of the apartment, a jar containing a sachet with some doses of marijuana was found in the kitchen while in the bathroom fragments of whitish substance were found, still floating in the toilet, while, several fragments of cocaine were recovered on the ceramic rim.

The carabinieri have subjected the man to house arrest, where he continues to remain even after the validation hearing.

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