Motta S. Anastasia, illegal landfill of special waste discovered: the area seized

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 07:29

Share A land of over 3 thousand square meters used as an uncontrolled waste deposit was seized by the military of the provincial command of the Catania financial police in the Municipality of Motta S. Anastasia. In particular, the financiers of the company of the capital, engaged in service activities for environmental protection, have proceeded to the reconnaissance of the land owned by a farm and have identified a vast steep embankment consisting of voluminous building aggregates deriving from demolition activities. buildings, as well as used tires, or special waste illegally disposed of in violation of environmental regulations. With the help of staff from the Municipality’s Technical Office, the yellow flames also verified that five warehouses, used as storage for building materials and with a total covered area of ​​over 1,300 square meters, had been built in the absence of any administrative authorization. The intervention therefore concluded with the seizure of the aforementioned area used as a landfill and the five warehouses, as well as with the simultaneous complaint to the Judicial Authority of two brothers from Motto, who became responsible for the uncontrolled storage of special waste and the illegal construction of sheds. The operation falls within the sector of activities carried out by the Guardia di Finanza to protect the environment and is part of the wider territorial control device set up by the superordinate provincial command.

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