Motorcycle hit by a truck, third fatal accident in a month in Gravina di Catania

One more mortal accident to Gravina of Catania. A motorcycle was hit by a truck via Etnea low, near the junctions of the ring road. To lose the life bikerwhose name is not yet known.

According to an initial reconstruction, it seems that the motorcyclist, leaving the Q8 petrol station to enter the road, was run over by the truck that arrived in the meantime. Rescue was useless, the motorcyclist seems to have died instantly.

In addition to the ambulance, the traffic police and the traffic police arrived on the spot and closed the Gravina junction on the Catania ring road, in both directions.

It is the third fatal accident in Gravina in less than a month. On 29 December, Alfio Coco, a 60-year-old accountant, lost his life on his scooter in an attempt to avoid a car, losing control of the vehicle.

On 11 December, however, still in Gravina di Catania, but in via Aldo Moro, a very violent impact against a parked car was fatal for a 49-year-old motorcyclist.

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