Mothers in Sicily at the time of Covid: Sicily rejected

Being a mother in Sicily is more complicated than in the rest of Italy. This was stated in the latest report conducted by Istat for “Save the children” which draws up the ranking of the regions that commit themselves more or less to supporting motherhood. The island is in nineteenth place, the third from last. The three indicators taken into consideration leave no way out: care, services and work. On the last, Sicily is bringing up the rear. And the year of Covid only made things worse with female employment going from 29.8 percent in 2019 to 29.3 percent in 2020.

The sixth report “Le equilibriste”, released on the eve of Mother’s Day by “Save the children”, once again underlines the gap between north and south also with respect to the condition of mothers who on the island more than elsewhere, in the year of pandemic, have been penalized, have lost their jobs and have not been able to count on essential services for children.

Sicily, in nineteenth place, is followed only by Campania and Calabria. Last year was last. Only with respect to the parameter of care that concerns the distribution of the burdens of care and family work within couples, the island is placed better than the other regions of the south, with an eleventh place that makes it gain a position compared to last year. In the other two, services and work, it falls again: third from last for services, i.e. the percentage of children who attend kindergarten and the index of taking charge of children in the nursery and other supplementary services for the first childhood and last for work that takes into account the participation of women in the labor market.

“Again this year, the Mothers Index shows the clear gap between the northern and southern regions. Although there is a general improvement in the data in all regions, those in the north show higher values ​​than the average, while in the South the exact opposite is found with lower values. It is clear that in the south the gap has never been bridged in any of the three areas. This translates not only into a poor recognition of the needs and necessities of women who want to become mothers, but also of the rights relating to the development and education of boys and girls “, says Antonella Winter, head of children’s policies at” Save the children “.

Mothers with underage children in Italy are just over 6 million and in the year of the pandemic many of them were significantly penalized in the labor market, due to the domestic work and care they had to bear during periods of closure. services for children and schools. Out of 249 thousand women who lost their jobs in 2020, 96 thousand are mothers with minor children. Among them, 4 out of 5 have children under the age of five: they are those mothers who, due to the need to follow younger children, have had to give up work or have been expelled. An obstacle course, therefore, for women who choose to become mothers and who also hold the primacy of the oldest in Europe at the birth of their first child: 32.2 years against an average of mothers in the rest of Europe of 29, 4).

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