mother and son reported for circumvention of incapacity

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 07:34

Share The soldiers of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Catania, at the conclusion of a complex judicial police activity delegated by the Public Prosecutor of Caltagirone, denounced, in competition with each other, two citizens of Caltagirone, mother and son, well-known entrepreneurs operating in the sector the sale of fuels and takeaway catering in Caltagirone, for the hypothesis of the crime of circumvention of incapacity and self-laundering. The yellow flames of the Caltagirone company have reconstructed and brought to light, through bank investigations, questioning people informed about the facts, analyzing financial statements and accounting documents, as well as notarial deeds of sale, an articulated system that allowed the two associates to appropriate the span of three years, of 3 prestigious properties located in the heart of the Caltagirone commercial area, the value of which has been estimated at over 300 thousand euros, as well as sums of over 327 thousand euros. During the investigations, the financiers revealed how the two relatives, taking advantage of a moment of serious emotional weakness of the over sixty-year-old calatino, a historic trader in the footwear sector, due to both family mourning and the worsening of the son’s clinical conditions, to leverage its fragility by taking possession, through financial transactions, including with bearer securities and purchase and sale contracts, of the sum of over 627 thousand euros. According to the reconstructions of the military of the company of the Guardia di Finanza of Caltagirone, who analyzed in particular the voluminous accounting documents consisting of multi-year corporate financial statements and tax returns, they showed how most of these illicitly generated proceeds were then put into the inside the coffers of the fuel and bar-tobacconist resale company managed by the relatives, respectively sister and nephew of the victim, in order to launder the accumulated dirty money and ensure a considerable advantage over the competition of the reference economic sector. There is no doubt, in fact, that the introduction of such large capital into the single-member company would have ensured a flourishing continuation of the economic activity exercised and therefore an easier management of the resale of fuels and owned bar-tobaccos. In order to protect real estate and liquidity, the Calatine Yellow Flames carried out a seizure order for this purpose ordered by the Caltagirone Public Prosecutor’s Office which froze the assets until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings.

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