Mortgages, in Syracuse they ask an average of 108,422 euros

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According to the analysis by and, in the first quarter of 2022 the average amount requested for a mortgage in the province of Syracuse decreased by 1% compared to the same period of 2021, falling to 108,422 euros.

If at a regional level the average amount requested from credit institutions in the first three months of the year is in line with the same period last year (114,572 euros), looking at the individual provinces, a differentiated trend emerges: the area that recorded the most important growth is that of Enna (+ 9.4%, 103,334 euros), followed by Trapani (+ 4.4%, 111,484 euros).
Continuing to scroll through the Sicilian ranking, Palermo (+ 2.1%, 123.776 euros), Messina (+ 1.7%, 109.251 euros), Agrigento (+ 1.2%, 96.129 euros) and Ragusa (+0.2 %, 106,099 euros).

Decreasing values, however, for the provinces of Syracuse (-1%, 108,422 euros), Catania (-5%, 117,018 euros) and Caltanisetta (-10.4%, 88,243 euros).

Again at the regional level, the quarter was characterized by the decline in the average age of aspiring borrowers which in Sicily fell to just over 38 years (it was almost 42 years just 12 months ago) and by the increase in mortgage applications for first home which, in the region, account for 71% of total loan applications (+14 percentage points).

In terms of rates, fixed rates have increased and today, according to the simulations of, an average mortgage can cost 12,300 euros more than twelve months ago.

News from Sicily 2022-07-03 09:40:00

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