Morra in Caltanissetta This is the city that produced the false myth of Montante

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Rita Cinardi
June 27, 2022 11:23 pm

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“This is the city that has produced a false myth, that of Antonello Calogero Montante, to which many have given credit and managed, through plots that do not comply with the law, to pollute many public administrations, through squalid methods, to say the least”.
This was stated by Nicola Morra, president of the Antimafia, today in Caltanissetta for a meeting on “The investigations of the National Anti-Mafia Commission”.
“Certain incistations – continued Morra – occur because the conditions were evidently favorable not only in Sicily but throughout the national territory.
Because I remind myself that Montante had reached the top floors not only of Confindustria Sicilia, but also of Confindustria Italia, and among other things he frequented the Viminale with a certain ease.
He had even been appointed by the then head of cabinet of Minister Alfano, the current Minister Luciana Lamorgese, to the steering committee of the National Agency for confiscated and seized assets.
one arrives at such levels evidently knows how to play his cards well “.” Among other things – he concludes – they tell me that a request for indictment is still pending on Montante for external complicity in association with mafia-type criminal associations.
the idea of ​​a state that quietly allows itself to be introjected Trojan horses in an extraordinarily pleasant way.
Evidently the Italian state does not like to stay away from to certain logics, but like to dialogue with certain powers “.

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