Moped theft foiled through social media livestream, two teenagers on the run in Palermo

In the center of Palermo, an attempted motorcycle theft was thwarted by a passerby who started live streaming on social media. The incident took place on via Mariano Stabile and the video went viral after being posted on the Instagram page Sicilia VHS. Two teenagers were caught trying to steal a parked motorcycle in broad daylight, in front of many witnesses. They were pushing the stolen bike with the scooter they arrived on after forcing the ignition. A quick-thinking passerby noticed the crime and decided to start live streaming on social media to deter the thieves. When the passersby yelled at the young thieves that they were being filmed, they dropped the motorcycle and fled on their scooter.

Furto di una moto sventato con la diretta social, due ragazzini in fuga a Palermo

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