Monteagudo careful, Russini the best

Here are the report cards of Catanzaro-Catania. The challenge of “Ceravolo” ends 1-1. Networks of Russini and Carlini, all in the first half.

Catanzaro (3-5-2): Branduani; Scognamillo, Fazio, Martinelli; Bearzotti, Risolo (53 ‘Vandeputte), Verna (64’ Welbeck), Carlino, Porcino (80 ‘Tentardini); Bombagi (64 ‘Cianci), Vazquez (80’ Curiale) Catania (4-3-3): Room 6 Calapai 6, Ercolani 6.5, Monteagudo 7, Zanchi 6, Greco 6.5 (64 ‘Rosaia 6), Maldonado 6 (81’ Izco), Provenzano 6, Piccolo 6 ( 64 ‘Biondi 6), Moro 6 (81’ Sipos), Russini 7 (74 ‘Russotto 6). Improve today. Russini. Chance from the first minute exploited properly. Penalty with a compass and a performance seasoned not only by the goal, but also by many quick restarts. Always dangerous. Monteagudo. Redeem the error against Bari and churn out a capital performance in the defensive phase, towering in the penalty area. Authoritarian. Greek. In the first half he presses everything and everyone, scattering the cards of the maneuver of Calabro’s team. Its hybrid position allows it to draw a 4-2-3-1. He leaves the field after a forbidden blow by Carlini.

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