Monte Monaco: Polish Climbers Rescued from Cliff in San Vito Lo Capo

Sicilian alpine and speleological rescue technicians intervened in San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani) to rescue four Polish climbers who were stuck on a wall of MonteMonaco, about 200 meters off the ground. The four, three men and one woman, had raised the alarm when they were unable to continue or climb back up while descending after climbing a highly difficult route (“Sogni d’oro”). One of them was hanging 150 meters off the ground while descending on a double rope. The other three, fearing darkness, called the emergency number 112. The 118 emergency center requested the intervention of the Alpine Rescue, who sent 13 technicians to the scene. A team of Sass experts climbed the parallel route above the climbers. They were unharmed but visibly frightened. The Alpine Rescue technicians safely brought them down one by one to the ground, where they were assisted by a doctor and medical staff to assess their health condition. The operation ended around 10:30 p.m. Last Thursday, a joint intervention with the 82nd CSAR of the Italian Air Force was carried out to rescue a German hiker stranded on a wall of Monte Cofano. The woman, 29 years old, had reached the summit of the mountain alone with inadequate clothing and ventured down small terraces that led her to a steep wall. She slipped and stopped on a small slope, where she started signaling with her phone, triggering the alarm.

Monte Monaco a San Vito Lo Capo, salvati quattro alpinisti polacchi bloccati su una parete

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