Monte Catalfano, ok to finance the redevelopment project of the equipped area

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 07:40

Share Good news for Monte Catalfano, Bagheria’s green lung. The financing of the redevelopment project of the equipped area of ​​the mountain, presented by the Tripoli administration on 30 July 2020, was approved. Of the requested amount, which was equal to 990,000 euros, a total of 835,720.60 euros was financed. Among the works envisaged by the project are: the improvement of the accessibility of the park, the restoration of the structure for existing services, the restoration of sports equipment (benches, parallel bars, etc.) and the expansion of the area dedicated to sport, the safety of the paths , disposal of the existing playground now no longer usable due to age and construction of a new playground, purchase of electric bikes and tricycles, purchase of an open electric car with a roof for the transport of disabled children inside the park, placement of new ones picnic tables, replacement of all the naturalistic and sporting signs of the park, placement of drinking troughs for the animals in the park, construction of an ecological island outside the park, construction of an electrical system for the public lighting of the external access road to the park and replacement of the lighting bodies with new LED technology bodies., realization of three small structures (service rooms). “We are satisfied with the funding obtained, it is added to the other projects presented by this administration and already financed, we will give an act of guidance to the offices to prepare a public notice for the assignment of the area to private individuals, so as to implement the offer of parks and gardens of our city. At the moment we have access to the public garden of villa San Cataldo, opened in December 2019 and the Small Urban Park, managed by a group of young people who with their original initiatives have made the park a unique space in its genre, accessible to all “, said the mayor of Bagheria Filippo Maria Tripoli. The administration’s objective is to open and make other areas of the city usable.

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