Montante system, convicted will have to pay 30 thousand euros to the Municipality of Caltanissetta

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09 July 2022 16:23

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Roberto Gambino, mayor of the Municipality of Caltanissetta, civil party in the appeal process of the so-called Montante System, celebrated with the abbreviated procedure, can only express full satisfaction with the decision by the judges of the Court of Appeal of Caltanissetta for the sentence issued on Friday evening.
Once again the right of the municipal body to be compensated by the convicted for the damages suffered, for over a decade, by the raids of their criminal association which was, once and for all, wiped out from our territory was confirmed.
The Court also decided that Antonello Montante, Diego De Simone and Marco De Angelis must pay the Municipality the sum of 30 thousand euros plus legal fees; without prejudice to the further right to be asserted against all the other defendants in the ordinary trials pending before the court of Caltanissetta, who will eventually be held responsible for having been part of the criminal system of the Montante.
The lawyer Raffaele Palermo

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