Monreale: New attack on Villa Ciambra nursery school by vandals

The reopening of the Villa Ciambra nursery school in Monreale got off to a bitter start this year. The school staff arrived this morning to find the windows forced open, classrooms completely ransacked, lights and air conditioners left on, and lockers damaged. This chaotic scene has occurred once again at the facility, which is soon to welcome back its youngest students. In previous months, the school had already been targeted: unknown individuals had destroyed all the children’s crafts and stolen all the school keys. Just like last time, the police have been called in to investigate and identify the culprits behind this new raid. School principal Patrizia Roccamatisi has long requested the installation of a surveillance system, but the cameras have not arrived yet. Local residents reported seeing some young people on the school roof a few evenings ago and called the police, but the teens had fled by the time they arrived.

Monreale, nuovo assalto alla scuola materna di Villa Ciambra: vandali in azione

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