Monreale establishes FdI group in local council

The Fratelli d’Italia council group has been formed in Monreale, Sicily. The regional deputy and president of the City Council, Marco Intravaia, announced the formation of the group, which includes council members Santina Alduina, Pippo Lo Coco (group leader), and Riccardo Oddo, as well as the councilor Rosanna Giannetto. Intravaia expresses that this is an important result that reflects the new direction of Italian politics led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. He believes that their party is already well-established and capable of meeting the needs of the citizens and has a broad vision for the future. This cohesive group, which has gained significant experience, will contribute to the growth of the party and support the re-election of Mayor Alberto Arcidiacono.

Monreale, costituito il gruppo di FdI in consiglio comunale

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