Mongolia’s first and only Business Angel club founded by a young entrepreneur from Palermo.

Francesco Cracolici is a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Palermo who has been traveling the world for 10 years, focusing on developing emerging markets. He believes that emerging markets offer great opportunities for investors, especially in terms of creating new startups that follow Western models. Additionally, these markets have the potential to make a positive impact on people’s lives through innovation. Cracolici has gained significant experience in venture capital in emerging markets, having contributed to and managed three acceleration programs across three continents. His most recent program, StarVenture, supported over 200 startups in 26 countries, raising a total of $390 million. Cracolici has investments in five continents, co-investing with notable figures such as Justin Mateen, the founder of Tinder, and Peter Thiel from PayPal. During his travels, Cracolici realized the potential for investment in Mongolia, where he noticed a lack of innovation and startup ecosystem. As Mongolia is projected to experience economic growth and is strategically located between China and Russia, Cracolici saw this as an interesting opportunity for investors. This led him to establish the Nomadic Angel Club, a club of international investors focused on supporting and investing in local startups in Mongolia. Cracolici has already identified 12 startups for potential investment and is enthusiastic about the prospects of the project.

Startup, il primo e unico club di Business Angel della Mongolia è fondato da un giovane palermitano

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