Money in exchange for protection, extortionist arrested with money in hand

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The Carabinieri of the Operational Unit of the Acireale Company arrested a 36-year-old local in the flagrant crime of extortion.

The story, common in the concatenation of events to many victims of extortion, began last May when the operator of a bar in the city center of Acireale, a 37-year-old Acese, had suffered a theft at night inside the own local.

This, however, was only the initial cue to bend his will, with explicit or implicit intimidation of which he would later be victim, because, in fact, only after a week he had received a visit in his bar of the 36-year-old.

During the discussion the latter had feared to his victim the possibility of avoiding further thefts with the “protection” that he could have offered in exchange for money, so the merchant, for a quiet life, had given him money in the hope that the requests would have stopped but, as usually happens, the latter’s “visits” would have become frequent.

In fact, expressing personal needs related to the health of their children, or for the need to “pay the lawyers of friends”, the extortionist presented himself to the victim almost daily with the same request, sometimes accompanied by the minor child at the who, on one occasion, had handed over a mobile phone with a voice message asking for money to be played by the unfortunate bartender who, on that occasion, however, refused to hand over the money to the child.

Upon his refusal, his father immediately rushed to claim the “due”, warning him that he would close the business and that, otherwise, another person who was superior to him in the criminal hierarchy would intervene, threats that had once again bent the victim.
who handed him the money.

In fact, after a few days, the bartender had received the “unwelcome” visit of another man known to him as gravitating in the criminal environment, who had ordered him to join him outside the room to talk in a confidential manner, but the 37-year-old, very frightened and foreseeing the subject of the discussion, he had refused to follow him, later turning to the Carabinieri to whom he told his story.

But the requests for money for the bartender were certainly not finished because after only five days, around midnight on June 23, the 36-year-old had reached him again, asserting that his daughter was suffering from a very serious illness.

The merchant, although aware of the falsity of the motivation, had given the man half the sum of money requested from him but, given the latter’s insistence, had agreed to deliver the remainder to him the following day, an appointment at which, however , the Carabinieri of the Operational Unit would also have participated.

The military documented the 36-year-old’s arrival in a car with his wife and minor children, one of whom unknowingly got out of the vehicle and entered the bar with a note given to him by his parent with an “invitation” addressed to the victim.
to give him the money, a request which the latter did not comply with causing the irritation of his father who, therefore, went to meet him personally with a threatening manner.

Unfortunately for him one of the carabinieri listened to his intimidation, since he would have told the victim that, if he had not given him the money, he would have been the victim of theft again and would have become the prey of other characters “…
those bigger than me …

The 36-year-old, as soon as he received the additional money from the bartender’s hands, was blocked by the military and therefore associated with the Catania prison in Piazza Lanza, where he still remains at the outcome of the validation hearing.

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