Mondello Sup Festival 2021

After a few years of testing, with various small events in the world of sup and not, the Amateur Sports Association has decided to give this crazy event to the city of Palermo! These are three days of competitions and other activities, different specialties, many athletes expected and to surround all this there will be the splendid setting of Mondello! Hosted by L’Ombelico del Mondo in Mondello, we will give life to indelible memories. To fix everything in our minds there will be the guys from Alpha Production for the photos and videos.

To quench the thirst of the athletes, Forst and RedBul will take care of it. The fun is served by the Water Experience and some partners such as Cabrinha, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Sunova, Swox and Riding Watt. Ah, we almost forgot: in addition to entertaining us some of these partners will season the awards! We also thought about lunch, in reality Poldo 2 took care of it (which we also recommend for dinner, you never know you would want to eat well even in the evening, and to save money since Poldo 2 will be one of the food partners of the ‘event)! But let’s go to some competitive aspects: we designed the routes thinking of something that could entertain us and at the same time enjoy the splendid Gulf of Mondello, there will be a halfway point on the ground during the technical race and during the long distance they will probably meet different sea conditions. To entertain everyone, absolutely everyone, we also offer two amateur races: one for teams, made up of 6 people, aboard a big sup JP Australia, who will have to challenge each other trying to get the best time (the real challenge will be to remain standing. ); another called “distance race” because it is a taste of what awaits you if you decide to start doing sup races. It will also be possible to try equipment, approach the world of Wing Foiling, try the E-Foiling experience for free and much more. Don’t let them tell you: take part! Gallery

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