Mondello stormed despite restrictions and controls

We are located in Mondello. Here, as for all the beaches from Sferracavallo to Acqua dei Corsari, the prohibition of parking and access to the coast is still in force, signed with an ordinance of May 7 by the Mayor Leoluca Orlando, after having had a discussion with the provincial committee for order and safety.

The bans also apply to next weekend. On the other hand, what is allowed in the bathing areas are swimming activities and the crossing for the use of boats at sea. In the meantime, a few people have gathered here on the beach, taking advantage of the good weather, even if not all of them respect the rules.

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic is also expected to stop from 6 to 10 pm, from viale Regina Elena height via anadiomene to piazza di Mondello, as far as the seaside village is concerned.

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