Mondello pedestrian area manned by the brigade but remains empty

You cannot pass. “If you have to unload goods, go inside. But go slowly ». The traffic police are there to guard theMondello pedestrian area and to everyone they repeat the same words.

Cyclists and kids on scooters pass by and they too receive a recommendation that is always the same: caution, avoid being reckless. If the municipal police were not present, the cars would violate the ban. The first weekend of the establishment of the first pedestrianization block, from via Teti to via Glauco, has already happened in mid-June, when the controls had a hole, it was the justification, for a mistake in the shifts.

The two policemen recount a day «of continuous complaints of those forced to make a wider lap, those who would like a softer ban ».

Sunday morning seems unreal due to the low traffic in the township. The pedestrian area, under the sun at 40 degrees, does not encourage walking. Traders are not happy with the news. They signal a drastic drop in activity. “Especially during the day,” they say at the bar. “Especially in the evening,” they retort from the nearby kiosk.

The initiatives to stop at least the next stage of the pedestrianization of the township are not lacking, but the Municipality defends the initiative, as Giancarlo Macaluso tells in the report on the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands today.

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