Mondello celebrates with gastronomy, craftsmanship, debates, and music

From Wednesday, September 6th to Sunday, September 10th, Mondello, a popular seaside resort in Palermo, will host the fourth edition of Ciavuri e Sapuri.. Fest. The festival, organized by Cna Palermo in collaboration with various organizations, will showcase over fifty local artisans and their products, provide live music performances, thematic talks on current issues with journalists and politicians, and highlight sports and sustainability. The event is sponsored by the Regional Department of Productive Activities, the Regional Department of Fisheries, and the Municipality of Palermo. The festival will feature a variety of activities, including an exhibition village, live performances, and talk sessions. Each day will also feature a show cooking session by chef Alessandro Perillo. The festival will host several sports tournaments and will end with a talk on the ethics of business and the delivery of a scholarship in memory of Felicia and Peppino Impastato. Additionally, the festival will offer a diverse range of musical performances every evening, catering to various audience preferences.

Gastronomia, artigianato, dibattiti e musica: festa a Mondello

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