Modica, “to name the alley of his confectionery after Franco Ruta”: that’s why

Exactly five years after the sudden death of Franco Ruta, which took place on February 21, 2016, the Cultural Association named after him has sent a formal request to the Municipality of Modica and the Prefecture of Ragusa to request that the alley of his confectionery.
“We are convinced that Modica has an enormous debt towards Franco Ruta and that the custody of his work can and must also pass through some small symbolic tributes”, explains the president of the association, Antonello Buscema: “The first of these is the ‘dedication of a street in the city to Franco Ruta, in derogation from the law on toponymy, since less than ten years have passed since his death. We know well that the law itself provides and regulates the hypothesis of this derogation in the case of people who have distinguished themselves for particular merits and that it is up to the Prefecture to evaluate them: we therefore relied on the sensitivity of the Prefect, first of all, and that of the mayor and the ‘Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Modica, so that they can decide to support this request with a special resolution of the Municipal Council ”.
The Franco Ruta Association was founded in 2017, with the desire to collect and bring into the future the testimony of a figure to whom the city of Modica owes a multiplicity of great social, cultural and economic results.
«To remember how many and to what extent these results are – explains Buscema on behalf of the entire board of the association – we have attached to our request a dossier on the history of Franco Ruta. The work we are carrying out to highlight all aspects of this history has convinced us even more that the ethics and generosity of his commitment to the city of Modica, which he loved more than anything else, makes this the city is now called to give him back the duty of memory. We are convinced that this recognition, far from having a purely commemorative purpose, serves to show the example above all to the new generations, so dear to him ».
The request, moreover, concerns the naming of a street that at the moment has no specific toponymy, whose name could be changed very easily and which, however, would have a very strong symbolic value for all: it is in fact the alley opens at number 159 of Corso Umberto I and which is mainly occupied by the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto and its appurtenances. “Precisely that alley, where his family business has been present for six generations, was Franco Ruta’s living room, the living room where hundreds of characters have passed over the years who, through dialogue with him, have become enamored ambassadors international tradition of the city of Modica “, concludes Buscema:” Both from the Prefecture and from the municipal administration we have received signs of availability in this sense and we therefore trust that we can realize a gesture that public opinion awaits together with us “.