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Some believe that it is still inappropriate to talk about the new mayor of Modica after Abbate’s resignation, given the long period of time (almost a year) that separates us from the next administrative authorities.

Well, rightly or wrongly, I like to think of the identikit of the new mayor, who will surely have a big deal to deal with, given the precarious financial situation that foreshadows the ECONOMIC DISSEST, with all the consequences of the case.

Having said that, it is clear that the next mayor will have to deal mainly with municipal finances.

So is the city of Modica destined to remain in the nineteenth-century darkness in which it has languished for at least 10 decades?

I hope not!

Of course we do not intend to propose a physical or moral identikit, moral integrity is a condition that cannot be ignored and which is the basis of everything, it must simply be a mayor with a broad and complete vision of the needs of the city and with the straight bar to remove inconvenience and promote the creation of a modern city, even with its inadequate structure, given its ancient origin and despite the ancient splendor of the County of Modica starting from 1296 which slowly declined until it left space to a dark and unlivable city from every point of view: vehicular traffic, leisure time, public transport service, social services and school.

Its narrow or non-existent streets are the first great limit of historical Modica; the wild construction and without proper planning are another great limitation of modern Modica on the plateau of Sorda, Michelica, Zappulla and Caitina.

The need to restore order in the various areas of Modica will be a great bet for the new mayor, I remember the overcrowding of the new areas and the depopulation of some historic centers: Modica alta, Francavilla district, Vignazza and billboard.

Yet the mayor Buscema had launched the initiative for the redevelopment of the neighborhoods, but evidently this project is disliked by many who prefer to witness the abandonment of historic centers to speculate on wild overbuilding.

Naturally it will be necessary to resume projects on alternative mobility otherwise the city will be suffocated by an increasingly chaotic vehicular traffic that will block any desire to make the city lean and livable.

The outgoing mayor has paved the whole city, as he did we will try to understand, without taking into account the water network, now obsolete, which needs to be re-done, given the continuous breakdowns and losses that have been present in the city and in the hamlet for some time.
marinara di Marina di Modica, with very serious inconveniences for entire neighborhoods.

Social services and schools are other realities that absolutely must be paid attention to both as regards a better reorganization, and with the promotion of new initiatives that can give a new meaning to these important realities of social life.

it is just an input to start a comparison between the next candidates, to stimulate above all a conscience among the voters in order to avoid that businessmen who will take the reins of the city are promising seas and mountains to win their consent, perhaps return a sop, but then take care of their own vegetable garden, which does not correspond to the interests of the city.

Ignazio Giunta
Movement for the city


News from Sicily 2022-06-19 19:00:00

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