Modica, the commissioner Messina: the government ready to support tourism and entertainment

The regional councilor for Tourism, Entertainment and Sport, Manlio Messina, reassures the sectors of his competence on the support actions already put in place and to be launched. He does so from Modica on the occasion of his visit to the city after the technical modernization of the Garibaldi Theater. The representative of the regional government was welcomed by the top management of the Garibaldi Theater Foundation: the mayor, Ignazio Abbate, the superintendent Tonino Cannata, the artistic director of the last season of prose and music before the stop for the pandemic, Giovanni Cultrera, by the councilor to the Culture of the Municipality of Modica, Maria Monisteri. The commissioner, however, subordinated the initiatives in the pipeline to the measures of the national government on the reopening of cinemas and theaters and, above all, to the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign. Tourism is also linked to this latter aspect, which is obviously damaged by the prohibitions on travel between Regions and, also, by the fear of contagions. “We are supporting the most damaged businesses and we believe that some sectors, such as catering, can remain open while respecting certain protocols.” The representative of the Musumeci government also spoke with the top management of the Garibaldi Foundation about future programs and some initiatives to be launched in collaboration with the regional council.

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