Modica, the autopsy reaffirms the hypothesis of murder on Lucifora's death


Other toxicological tests will be needed to try to clarify the death of Peppe Lucifora, the chef of the ASP found on Sunday afternoon at his home in the Dente district of Modica. An autopsy was performed on Lucifora's body at the morgue of the "Maggiore" hospital in Modica. The lawyers Giuseppe Iuvara from Ragusa and Pietro Zuccarello from Catania made it. The strict secrecy surrounding the surveys reveals a few rumors, although it now seems certain that the well-known Modica cook has not died of natural death. This was said by the first findings of the autopsy examination. Now it will be up to the surveys of the soldiers of the Modica weapon to reconstruct the last hours of Peppe Lucifora, thanks also to the examination of the telephone records and the testimonies of the neighbors. In the house of Lucifora also the soldiers of the weapon of Ris of Messina worked. The head wound, since the first surveys, has not appeared compatible with …

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