Modica. New strategies for the development of sustainable tourism

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An end point, that of the Incircle project, which is also a starting point thanks to the drafting of a series of good practices to which the structures falling within the territories of the five municipalities that make up the LAG Terra Barocca will be able to comply in order to demonstrate that they are attentive to the environment and to practice sustainable tourism.
In recent days the final stage of the project was in Modica, which was funded by the INTERREG MED international cooperation program, and which saw the Terra Barocca LAG engaged in carrying out the project activities also through the involvement, in four steps, of the stakeholders of the territory .
The working groups, with over seventy public and private stakeholders, worked under the coordination of Dr.
Giovanni Capuzzello, animator of the LAG and with the support of Svi.Med – Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development.
All contributed to the final draft of the “Strategy for a Sustainable and Circular Tourism”.
The entire path was characterized by the use of innovative methodologies and digital tools.
The final event “Incircle Networking Dinner” took place in Modica according to three different moments gathered within a few meters from the center of gravity of the GAL Terra Barocca.
The official ceremony was held at the nearby Floridia auditorium during which the director of the EWA Agency for Water and Energy Resources of the Maltese Government, dr.
Manuel Sapiano, officially handed over the “Incircle” strategy to the representatives of the LAG, the members of the board of directors Salvatore Cassarino, president of the Slow Food Fava Cottoia di Modica presidium, and the municipal councilor Giuseppe Barone of Ispica.
At the same time, the project gadgets were also delivered to the LAG: fifteen thousand reusable beach ashtrays, two thousand aluminum water bottles and tourist maps designed ad hoc for the enhancement of sustainable tourism.
On the other hand, in Piazza Matteotti, the installations that EWA delivered to the Terra Barocca GAL were inaugurated for the creation of an exhibition that represented the design process and above all would highlight the four pillars on which the project and the drafting of the strategy were based.
: mobility, energy, water and waste.
The set-up was much appreciated by the stakeholders present as well as by passers-by, tourists, citizens and visitors who were attracted by the 10 exhibition panels positioned on the square in front of the LAG headquarters, and made with rechargeable LED luminous signs.
The third final moment saw the over seventy stakeholders who attended the event gather in the atrium and cloister of the former Convent of the Carmine where a “vintage room under the stars” was set up.
The evocative space hosted a new moment of discussion which was followed by dinner also in this case organized by EWA in a sustainable way, with a rich menu aimed at promoting the agri-food excellence of the territory: Slow Food presidia (Sesame di Ispica, Cosaruciaru bean di Scicli, Fava Cottoia di Modica), Dop (Ragusano cheese, Monti Iblei oil), Igp (New Carrot from Ispica, Chocolate from Modica), Doc and Docg (Cerasuolo di Vittoria).
The various phases of the event were accompanied by the musical background of the Mestizo trio, which enlivened the evening with the fascinating sounds of oboe, cello and piano, with melodies by classical authors.
The director of the LAG, dr.
Salvatore Occhipinti, says he is satisfied with this further milestone and adds: “the Incircle project is one of the many pieces that make up the broader strategy of the LAG, which we remember as a real development agency actively present in the area.
it only limits the implementation of the LAP (Local Action Plan) within the 2014-2022 Sicily RDP, but looks beyond and also aims at international cooperation.
Our goal is to give continuity to the direct and transversal actions that we implement, proof of this that the DMO Enjoy Barocco in addition to taking shape in a concrete way is already surrounded by partnerships in an international context.
The EWA of Malta as well as the other project partners, including MEDCITIES of Barcelona, ​​AREA SCIENCE PARK and the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna who have supported us in these months of work, have bet on our territory and the LAG Terra Barocca By using his expertise, he managed not to disappoint expectations, but he went even further, creating solid foundations to guarantee future opportunities in a wider panorama than the already consolidated vision of local and participatory development “.
He then added that the gadgets will be delivered to the tourist info-points financed by the LAG in the 5 Municipalities, to be then distributed to tourists in exchange for filling out a questionnaire and that the tourist maps will also be downloadable from the web portal of the Enjoy Barocco tourist destination.
A strong sign of sustainability, therefore, but also attention to the needs that will emerge from the analysis of the data that will be collected.
The event received many appreciations and all those present said they were satisfied, congratulating for the organization, for the convivial atmosphere that has been established and for the choice of the way the evening will take place.
Even the Maltese EWA delegation appreciated the work done and the modus operandi of the LAG Terra Barocca, complimenting the impeccable organization and Manuel Sapiano himself underlined that “we are not facing a final moment of the project, but on the contrary we have decided to carry out this event in a useful way to give continuity to the work done so far.
The delivery of the strategy to the representatives of the LAG Terra Barocca and to the territory itself, as well as that of the project gadgets, is the result of the intense coworking activity of dozens of people who believe in the development of sustainable and circular tourism, the tools to implement it they are there and the LAG has shown that it is up to tackling the challenges in the area, thanks to the commendable engagement activity of the stakeholders and the competence demonstrated at 360 degrees.
The networking that we have foreseen in Modica will be a further moment of reflection and exchange of ideas for the next steps “.


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