Modica, Ivana Castello writes to the Commissioner of the Municipality

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The municipal councilor Ivana Castello wrote to the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Municipality of Modica, Domenica Ficaro, to clarify some issues that remained unresolved and to ask for clarification regarding the debt situation of the Municipality.
“The municipality of Modica, as you certainly know, does not sail in gold – writes the exponent of the center-left -.
In short, it cannot be said to be an economically rich city.
If one ever wanted to insist on the use of this last adjective, I would like to say that it is rich in poverty, debts, problems and characters, the latter of which are almost always ambiguous, because they accomplish but what they accomplish does not pursue interest of the city but specific objectives …
not so hidden, which are exquisitely personal.
Today doing politics is synonymous with realizing oneself by not realizing, as it would be right, exclusively the public good.
It is therefore natural that in the choices of government of a community it is necessary to decide whether to privilege the ego or the res publica.
What comes of it, therefore, is that government action is resolved in a sort of political meatloaf that often turns out to be tragic, with the tragedy affecting only the citizens.
In these cases, it is planned that the tragic sown with bad governance will mature in the future, when someone else will be at the helm of the city.
In short, the task of remedying debts is left to those who come later.
Because it brings sacrifices that not everyone will accept to face.
The mayor affirms, he also wrote to the Court of Auditors, that he did not sordidly burden the municipal finances.
We would have expected a less cutting-edge statement.
Because there was a moment in which the Court of Auditors started the irremediable insolvency proceedings of the Municipality.
The Municipality, in short, had gone bankrupt.
While waiting for the formal procedure of default to mature, about twenty days earlier, the mayor filed an appeal, went to appeal, the Court of Auditors of Rome was competent, and the sentence was “surgically” reformed.
We were therefore one step away from filing for bankruptcy.
Make the checks yourself, Commissioner, and illustrious, to all citizenship and to me in the head, the state of municipal finances.
Do you need a month? Let’s wait for the month, but tell the citizens that Councilor Castello is lying, always, of course, highlighting, in an exhaustive way, the documents on which you will be based.
And precisely with regard to debts, I must ask you, and I apologize for it, a detailed question.
When accessing the documents, I acquired three letters: a first from Banca FarmaFactoring spa, a second from Banca Sistema spa and a third from the Bellini Bressi law firm in Milan.
The first (on 10 May 2022) bears a very clear subject: “Payment reminder – not paid on 10-05-2022”.
This involves the supply of electricity by Enel Energia spa.
Collecting numerous residual payments, an amount of 6,843,611.34 euros is reached.
Enel has transferred the credit to Banca FarmaFactoring spa and this invites the Municipality to do its duty.
The second accompanies the debit account statement relating to 2021, exactly 130 pages, with which Enel Energia spa itself summarizes the municipal debt situation relating to receivables assigned without recourse as of December 31, 2021.
It is ascertained, in terms of face amount, that a debt of 6,435,013.37 euros; however, two further columns follow, indicating a balance amount of 3,328,030.84 euros and an amount of interest of 2,469,110.99 euros.
In all, the sum not of 6,435,013.37 is requested but the smaller one, between balance and interest, of 5,862,182.08 euros.
The third letter of 10 May 2022, the same date as the first, concerns some debts contracted by Modica Multiservizi in liquidation.
Therefore, Multiservizi requests and obtains some services from International Factors Italia-Ifitalia SpA Factors has transferred the credit to the Business Partner Italia Società Consortium for shares which, in turn, instructs the Bellini Bressi law firm to activate any appropriate initiative, also of a judicial nature, to recover a credit of € 4,491,351.34.

Overall, the three requests amount to (6,843,611.34 + 5,862,182.08 + 4,491,351.34 =) 17,197,144.76 euros “.

Ivana Castello concludes by asking the police station how she intends to act.
“Do these three debts fall within the 75 million of overdue and unpaid liabilities as of December 31, 2021 or are they due to some escaped extras, certainly not due to negligence? Ten days ago I asked the town clerk the same question in writing, but I still await an answer.
Objectively, the secretary never shone when it came to answers to questions from municipal councilors “.


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