Modica, chocolate meets the bread of Matera in the name of cultural relationships


The bread of Matera and the chocolate of Modica met in Basilicata on the occasion of the twinning signed by the two Mayors that unites the two cities. The meeting entitled "Modica IGP chocolate meets Matera IGP bread" concluded in the Le Monacelle of Matera complex the three days organized in the city of Sassi da Cna Agroalimentare in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Cooks.
Leo Montemurro, president of CNA Basilicata, Nino Scivoletto, director of the Modica Igp chocolate consortium, Mirco Della Vecchia, CNA Agro-food national president, Grazia Dormiente , cultural director of Ctcm, Salvo Peluso, president of the chocolate consortium of Modica Igp, Massimo Cifarelli, president of bread from Matera Igp. The conference ended with the signing of the memorandum of understanding "Implementing Cultural Kinships" in the presence of …

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