Modica chocolate, 2.4 million bars produced in 2020

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 26 – An increasing trend in 2020 for the chocolate of Modica IGP with the production, in the period of the pandemic, which reaches 209,000 kilos for over 2.4 million bars. In 2019, a production of 171,000 kilos was recorded for about 2 million bars. The economic data was made official with a public meeting in recent days which was attended by the mayor of Modica Ignazio Abbate, the president of the Chocolate Protection Consortium of Modica Salvo Peluso and the director of the protection body Nino Scivoletto. From the economic picture presented it emerged that the companies producing chocolate in Modica IGP are a total of 23, of which 16 are consortiums. It is specified that the companies associated with the Consortium are, in fact, 18, but of these one, although certified, has not yet started production, the other is in the process of certification, having modified and expanded the production site. The recent history of the Consortium is recalled with registration in the European Register of the IGP in 2018 after the filing of the dossier at Mipaaf in 2016, the digital passport of the Poligrafico and start of certified production in 2019, issue of the stamp dedicated to Modica IGP chocolate in 2020. (HANDLE).

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