Modica, at the start of Saturday 12 the 2019-2020 season of the Caffè Letterario Quasimodo


The 12th 2019-2020 cultural season of the Caffè Letterario Quasimodo, which will unfold in 16 events, the so-called "literary Saturdays", distributed from October to May 2020, will start in Modica on Saturday 12th October at 17.30 at the Palazzo della Cultura. .
The first appointment will be dedicated to the last poetic collection of Franca Cavallo, entitled 'A vita è gn'juocu sèriu, and will see, after the greeting of the mayor of Modica, Ignazio Abbate, and the councilor for culture, Maria Monisteri, l intervention by Grazia Dormiente, poetess of the Caffè Quasimodo who also edited the preface of the volume.
The evening, which will be coordinated by the President of the Quasimodo Group, Domenico Pisana, will see the reading of poems by Giovanna Drago and Giovanni Blundetto of the theater company "I Caturru" of Scicli, and will be enriched by musical interludes of the "Trio Ecole", composed by the Masters Giuseppe Mallia on the flute, Paolo Berno on the clarinet …

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