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Modica – Good morning, My Sicily.

Questions to follow that arise spontaneously about the historian Carafa.
We ask ourselves:
1) How much was Carafa known and important as a historian in his time and up to what part of the County?
2) 250 years after his death (he was born in 1617) are enough to lose the memory of history with us! The Carafa house was unfortunately demolished in 1920.

3) The historian’s mother was called Maria Lorefice, looking at the map (provided by the architect Saro Guarrella) of the Piazzetta Santa Maria degli Angeli (described by Prof.
Paolo Nifosì) one of the streets that flows into it is via Lorefice.

So can we assume that the Lorefice family was wealthy and owned the land we are talking about? If this is true it reinforces Professor Nifosì’s hypothesis that the family lived in this part of the city.
Thank you, Salvatore Alecci.

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2022-07-31 09:11:00

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