Moderation political movement presented. Among the adherents the municipal councilor Michele Rizzo

A political path has been inaugurated that from Bagheria, its epicenter, will also involve the neighboring territories with a view to a change of perspective through a policy that is less closed and tangled in itself and more open to one …

Michele Ragno new chairman of the board of directors of the Novara Sviluppo Foundation

Michele Ragno at the helm of the Novara Development Foundation He is Michele Ragno, nominated by … as well as by Ragno, by Rossella Marzi, and Antonio Piciaccia, to which Giovanni Rizzo is added, …

Fratelli d’Italia: ‘School, scheduled entrances and full buses. Bad management ‘

… makes the context unacceptable – says Lorenzo Rizzo, in the photo, Provincial President … the problem has been going on for years without any improvement – adds Michele Barcaiuolo, …

Campania Regional Elections: candidates, lists, polls and voting intentions. De Luca in the lead

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