Misterbianco, seizure of unsafe items in Misterbianco

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Numerous items, especially accessories, subjected to seizure in the Catania area as they were considered potentially dangerous for buyers.

The Guardia di Finanza of Catania has submitted to seizure over 400 thousand items of a shop of Misterbianco.
These are mainly “Made in China” personal accessories and decorative stickers, potentially dangerous for the health of consumers.

The military also proceeded to report the administrator of the company to the Chamber of Commerce, proceeding with the disbursement of the administrative sanctions required by law.

Guardia di Finanza Catania, kidnapping in Misterbianco’s shop

During an inspection, the military of the Etna capital identified in the shop – a commercial activity managed by a man of Chinese nationality – products for sale potentially dangerous for buyers.

Specifically, the business owner would be selling items lacking the information required by Italian law.
Furthermore, the same products were not provided with warnings relating to the presence of materials harmful to health or the material used for their production.
In addition, they had no indications in Italian.

For all these reasons, the military of the Guardia di Finanza of Catania proceeded with the seizure of the items, considered potentially dangerous to health.
More than 400 thousand unsafe items have been seized.

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