Missing boy in Santa Maria di Licodia, believed to be with another minor.

A meeting was held at the prefecture of Catania for an update on the disappearance of Mohamed Houssein Khalifadalla, 10 years old, from the community of Santa Maria di Licodia. The child is not alone but accompanied by another minor with whom there is no relationship. The meeting was attended by the mayor of Santa Maria di Licodia, the police chief, provincial commanders of the carabinieri and the guardia di finanza, the head of the traffic police department, the head of the police highway section, the deputy provincial commander of the fire brigade, and the commander of the carabinieri company in PaternĂ². Based on information acquired from the carabinieri command who immediately started the search and initial information, the minor, wearing a black pajamas, is an unaccompanied foreign minor who arrived in 2021 and was placed in a community in Santa Maria di Licodia but has since gone missing. The minor does not have a cell phone. The information gathered has not allowed to determine the current whereabouts of the two minors. Therefore, it was agreed to continue the ongoing verification activities conducted by the carabinieri and to enhance the search activities through patrols of the police forces, including the highway police patrols, in the surrounding areas of the municipality of Santa Maria di Licodia and within the province. An additional update is scheduled for tomorrow morning, including a possible deployment of additional resources and technological support.

Bimbo scomparso a Santa Maria di Licodia, sarebbe insieme ad un altro minore

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