Misdirection Via D’Amelio, the lawyer of two policemen: “Scarantino is a serial slanderer”

“These defendants have a past, they have a dignity, they are policemen, they have their own history that includes many actions carried out to combat organized crime. Michele Ribaudo was an agent. We are talking about a person who in the police hierarchy is the absolute last step and another person who was just a step above, a deputy superintendent, that is Fabrizio Mattei. Asking for a sentence is unacceptable ». The harangue of the lawyer Giuseppe Seminara, lawyer of the policemen Michele Ribaudo and Fabrizio Mattei, accused together with his colleague Mario Bo, in the trial on the misdirection of the investigations into the via D’Amelio massacre on charges of slander began this morning in Caltanissetta aggravated by having favored the Cosa Nostra.

According to the prosecution, represented by prosecutors Stefano Luciani and Maurizio Bonaccorso, the three would have forced the false repentant Vincenzo Scarantino to make false statements to convict some people who had nothing to do with the massacre in which judge Paolo Borsellino and five died agents of his escort. “I believe that this process, carried out after 30 years – continued the lawyer Seminara – with all the difficulties of reconstruction that exist and the absence of some people who are no longer here, has certainly caused a great deal of damage to the position of my parents. assisted and the reconstruction of the truth. This is a process that cannot ignore the failure of a system ».

«How can it be argued – he continued – that there is a responsibility of Ribaudo and at the same time argue that it is not on the part of all the others? But how many anomalies are attributable to the magistrates? We must have the courage to find Scarantino “unusable” in all his utterances, so full of lies and ravings that it is not possible to trust him. Faced with ten different versions of Scarantino, how do you choose the one that goes against our defendants? It is a constant forcing ».

«Here we are faced with two uncensored subjects, the policemen Fabrizio Mattei and Michele Ribaudo, and a serial slanderer, Vincenzo Scarantino. We can question the induction, but there is no doubt about the fact that Scarantino is a slanderer, ”stated the lawyer Giuseppe Seminara in his speech before the Court of Caltanissetta. «In reconstructing the facts Scarantino drew news from everything – added the criminal lawyer – from the newspapers, from the statements of other collaborators, from life experiences, from the radio. How many times has he retracted him? In 1995, 1998, 2002 and finally 2009. We must admit that he has retracted him four times, admitting that he lied. And therefore, as I define it, it is “unusable”, but it is enough for me to say unreliable. Scarantino is in third grade, but he has lived the streets and is smart. Slowly – the lawyer Seminara argued – he begins to elaborate and structure himself with respect to what is proposed to him, and begins to lie using the information he had available ».

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