Miraculous survival: Capizzi mass breaks off rocky cliff, mother and son unharmed

Yesterday afternoon in Capizzi, in the Nebrodi area, there was a terrifying incident. A large rock detached from a cliff just outside the town but above a heavily trafficked road. At that exact moment, a woman and a child were driving through that section, but luckily they narrowly avoided being hit by the rock. The potential consequences could have been severe, considering the size of the rock. Thankfully, both the mother and child were unharmed, and their car was undamaged. The local police in Capizzi and a team of technicians from the municipality were called to the scene to cordon off the area. Further investigations will be conducted to understand the cause of the incident and ensure the safety of the entire cliff.

Capizzi, masso si stacca dal costone roccioso: madre e figlio vivi per miracolo

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