Mind is born in Palermo, a start up to produce music

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PALERMO – Not only artists but also productions and why not probably in some time also foreign extended plays, however, produced in Palermo.
Mind record label and management is aiming high.
A great challenge for a world in constant evolution like that of music.
“Our mission is to make Palermo a competitive place.
A link with other Italian and foreign cities ”, says Valerio Fròsini, thirty years old, director and executive producer.

The startup based in Palermo is made up of many young people, average age between 25-30 years, and wants to create a pole of musical attraction for emerging artists.
The reality, born in 2015 as a rehearsal and recording room, today changes its appearance: it offers complete management as regards management, rights, booking, production and promotion.
“We want music to be produced in our city – explains Fròsini – and to be chosen also by artists who come here from other cities.
In Palermo there is no shortage of talents just as there are excellent production studios.
I’m happy with this adventure – he concludes – I studied to do this and doing it in my city is the best I can ask for “.

On the musical production side, after the single “Mind Blown” and the album “Ineptitude” by the band Bliss released last year, from March 25 on the digital platforms the single “Look at me” by Francesca Teriaca and the relative video clip.
These singles will be followed by the releases of the artists: Vinnie, Eramo Nubi, Pasquale Provenzano and Maiogabri.

The Palermo reality has also created the Mind Session column divided into different formats: Outdoor, Meets and Studio.
The initiative allows fifteen artists to perform with two songs in more than ten different locations, being filmed and professionally recorded.

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