Milazzo: “Inadequate recovery for Sicily, parliamentarians do not vote”

The note from the Sicilian MEP.

PALERMO – “I learn from the press that very little is foreseen of the many funds announced by the Recovery for Sicily. There is talk of resources to speed up trains, not high speed, the real hub for aligning the South with the rest of the country. There will be no hub port for goods from non-European countries. Yet we are in the center of the Mediterranean. There will obviously be no Bridge over the Straits. It is true, resources are foreseen for technological innovation in the PA and healthcare. Only note: in Sicily we do not have a health system that can be called such and, as regards the PA, especially on the technological front we are really behind. With the billions of the Recovery they will give us the speeding up of the trains that have existed in the North since the 1980s. To give an example: Milan / Turin in 1 h; Messina / Palermo in over 3.40h “. Thus the EPP MEP Giuseppe Milazzo.

“At this point – concludes Milazzo – the parliamentarians elected in Sicily and Calabria, with what courage or rather, with what face will they vote in favor of this Plan? Do we put dignity under the heels? We’ll see. The vote will be clear. Each of them will have to demonstrate whether to be a servant of the party or in the service of the voters. Each of them will have to demonstrate whether they prefer the seat of deputy or senator to coherence and therefore the salary as a member of parliament and the consequent bonuses. You have betrayed the present, you are not stealing the future of the South “



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