Milazzo, Coop Utopia donates to the Administration a painting by the Congolese artist Moké Fils

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At the end of the extemporaneous art promoted in Piazza Perdichizzi to launch a message of integration through art, the Utopia cooperative – which for a decade has been dealing with the reception of migrants – currently with residential structures in Milazzo, Barcelona and Pace del Mela, has delivered to the municipal administration a painting by the Congolese artist Moké Fils who participated last week in the event together with the young people of the Sai (Integrated Reception System) and with the collaboration of the students of the “Guttuso” high school.
The ceremony was attended by the president of the cooperative Francesco Giunta, Irene Munafò, SAI training area operator, the councilor for youth policies Beatrice De Gaetano.
Mayor Midili in thanking for the gift highlighted the importance of the activity carried out by the cooperative and the message that comes from many migrants that the city has welcomed and hosts for years, hoping that there may be other moments of sharing and aggregation between communities who live in the same territory.


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