Milazzo, charges filed for the commander Giuseppina Puleo

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Total non-existence of the facts.
Then definitive filing of all the charges against the commander of the municipal police of Milazzo, Giuseppina Puleo, compared to the perspectives that at the time made the deputy of the Corps, Giuseppina Italiano, with lots of complaints and denunciations, in which abuse of office, mobbing and persecutory acts were hypothesized.
After several years, the dispute arose within the municipal police of Milazzo ends, with a provision hesitated yesterday morning by the GUP of Barcelona, ​​who in this case was the president of the Court Giovanni De Marco, after all he returned to his “origins” – he was for many years investigating judge in Messina – to make up for the transfer of a colleague.
The provision closes the circle of the story after two requests for dismissal by the Public Prosecutor, the case was brought by the prosecutor at the time Emanuele Crescenti in person for the delicacy of the facts, and as many oppositions.
The provision is very clear in favor of Puleo, who was assisted by lawyers in this long affair Sebastiano Campanella And Marcello Scurria.

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