Milazzo, “alien” fish caught in Tono

In Milazzo, an alien fish was caught at Tono. It was caught by the young Benedetto di Stefano. It is a Flute fish (Fistularia commersonii) commonly found in the tropical zone of the Indian and Pacific oceans and the Red Sea. It has entered the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea through the Suez Canal (Lessepsian migration).

“Carmelo Isgró, marine biologist and director of the MuMa Museum of the Sea in Milazzo, explains that it was first reported in Israel in 2000, but in the following years it quickly spread to conquer the entire Mediterranean Sea, and I thank Salvatore Santoro for the report.”

It has a characteristic appearance typical of members of the Fistulariidae family, very thin, flattened with very elongated jaws united in a tube shape, and a long and thin filament protruding from the center of the caudal fin. The dorsal and anal fins are placed far back, opposite and symmetrical, and rather small. Scales are absent. The color is olive or greenish on the back and sides. It may have dark marbling on the back, especially at night. It is often scattered with bright blue spots or lines. It measures up to 160 centimeters, with the average size around one meter.

Milazzo, un pesce «alieno» catturato al Tono

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