Migrants: Lampedusa hotspot empties, more landings

Fifty-six Egyptians, on a 10-meter boat that left Zawia in Libya, were rescued at dawn, about 3 miles from the coast of Lampedusa, by the patrol boat Pv7 of the Guardia di Finanza. The group was transferred, after an initial health triage carried out directly at the Favarolo pier, to the hotspot where there were 455 guests. Yesterday 107 people were transferred on the Sansovino ferry, 20 Tunisians with charter flights to Potenza from where they will be repatriated and another 80 with the Cossyra motor ship which arrived in Porto Empedocle at dawn. A new transfer of 120 migrants is planned for this morning, again with the Sansovino ferry. .

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