Migrants Experience Chaos and Escape Attempts in Porto Empedocle: A Journey into Hell

This content discusses the overcrowded and tense situation in Porto Empedocle, Sicily, as migrants await transportation to the north of Italy. Some migrants attempt to escape by climbing over fences, while private buses have stopped operating after a fatal incident last week. The only current option is to use police and army vehicles to transfer the migrants until the ships return to the dock. The mayor of Porto Empedocle expresses concern over the crowded conditions and the desperation of the migrants. Lampedusa has temporarily suspended transfers due to overcrowding in other reception centers in Sicily, causing the number of migrants in Contrada Imbriacola to increase. The situation becomes explosive, with security issues arising, such as fights breaking out. The authorities are particularly concerned about Porto Empedocle, where over a thousand people are packed into the structure. Some have been able to leave on police and army buses, while others have been accommodated on the Paolo Veronese ferry. The arrival of additional buses from the prefecture helps to alleviate tension and empty the structure. The sporadic transfers exacerbate the explosive situation in the reception centers, and local demonstrations are calling for a structural intervention from the government to address the issues. The demonstrators emphasize that Lampedusa should not become a prison or a military island.

Migranti, viaggio nell’inferno Porto Empedocle tra caos e tentativi di fughe

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