Migrant Powderkeg: Influx of Arrivals and Tensions in Porto Empedocle, New Hotspot Ahead

There were moments of strong tension and chaos in Porto Empedocle, with the risk of a revolt by migrants. The management of the migrant flow transferred from Lampedusa is becoming increasingly complex, and the landings continue unabated. The tension occurred during the distribution of food and water, with around 1,100 migrants overcrowding and repeatedly demanding to be fed. Law enforcement officers intervened, including police, carabinieri, and finance police. The local prefect and police chief also arrived to try to restore calm. Despite the efforts of law enforcement, the situation remains difficult to manage, as the area is not equipped for such high numbers of people, including women and children. Meanwhile, a company has been awarded the contract to build a new hotspot in Porto Empedocle, aiming to open the construction site as soon as possible. This new facility will accommodate 200-250 people and provide dignified reception and identification procedures. Additionally, there have been recent overnight landings in Lampedusa, with 299 migrants arriving by boat from Tunisia. A total of 454 people landed on the island in the previous day, including one fatality. The migrants have been taken to the existing hotspot in Contrada Imbriacola, where there were already 1,897 people, including 170 unaccompanied minors, in the morning.

Polveriera migranti: sbarchi a raffica, tensioni a Porto Empedocle, nuovo hotspot in arrivo

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