Migrant Crisis: Agrigento Prefect Urges Halt to Human Trafficking

The prefect of Agrigento, Filippo Romano, spoke at an event organized by the Agrigento Police, addressing the issue of human trafficking in the Mediterranean. He stated that each journey, where the boats are crammed with 40 or more people, generates a profit of €120,000 for the organizers, with minimal expenses for the poorly welded metal boats, engine, and fuel. Romano highlighted that this human trafficking is not related to immigration but rather a profit-driven operation. He emphasized the need for a coordinated approach by the government to determine legitimate entry quotas based on the capacity of the country’s industries and agriculture. He also stressed the importance of not merely relying on rescue efforts but providing avenues for integration and addressing the realities of abandonment and human misery that often follow failed migration attempts.

Migranti, l’appello del prefetto di Agrigento: «Fermate il traffico di essere umani»

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