Middle school teachers do not show up, the mayor: “Let the minister intervene”

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 07:08

Share “In the Linosa school there is a paradoxical situation: there are teachers called into service who do not show up and, despite the fact that there are people in the area who possess the requisites for teaching, they cannot replace their colleagues. The Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi intervenes to allow this situation to be overcome, allowing Linosan children to follow a regular educational path “. The mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa Totò Martello say so. “In the elementary school of Linosa – adds Martello – there are only three classes for a total of six pupils who are followed by a single teacher, who carries out ‘differentiated’ lessons from Monday to Friday. On Saturday there is the teacher of religion, which teaches for three hours. The middle school has not yet started the lessons because, despite the fact that we are at the end of September, no teacher has yet taken up service on the island. Then there is the scientific high school which has a total of five students followed by a single teacher in attendance, most of the lessons are carried out remotely with a projector that transmits the lessons held at the high school in Lampedusa to the classroom wall “. “This situation creates inconvenience for pupils and does not allow regular teaching activities. The reason is essentially one – continues the mayor – the difficulty of finding teachers willing to give lessons in presence in Linosa because, having to follow the rankings and rules of the Office Scholastic, in fact many teachers assigned to the school on the island find the most diverse reasons for not showing up, triggering new cumbersome procedures to identify possible replacements. The point is that in the Pelagie, between Lampedusa and Linosa itself, there are people with the qualifications and requisites necessary for teaching, but do not fall within the useful places of the rankings. In practice, the teachers are there, but they cannot work at Linosa despite the fact that those who should do so do not show up, give up or take leave “. “Considering the peculiarities of the smaller islands and in particular of Linosa – concludes Martello – I ask Minister Bianchi to adopt an ad hoc provision that allows those in possession of the necessary qualifications and willing to take up service to be able to quickly fill the gaps of organic “.

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