Mid-August in Petralia Soprana: folklore, re-enactments and gastronomy in the most beautiful village in Italy


Event location: Various places, see in the article

Event date: From 08/13/2019 to 08/15/2019

Event cost: Free

Mid-August in the most beautiful village in Italy has always been synonymous with folklore, re-enactments and gastronomy. The highlight will be the day of August 15th, August 14th from 5.30pm, with the Baronial Marriage.

Already this evening (August 13th) folk groups will be at work in the hamlet of Raffo with the opening of the International Festival of the Worlds, organized by the local folk group "U Rafu" Terra del Sale. In the hamlet a short distance from the historic center, starting at 21:30, there will be the folklore gala that will see groups from Honduras, Kazakhstan, Columbia, Turkey, Chile, Nepal and Guinea Bissao performing.

Tomorrow evening (August 14th) we will enter into the heart of the Ferrara re-enactment with the characteristic serenade under the balcony of "a zita" that the next day will be called to marry in the famous "Baronial Marriage", organized by the Standardmen. The next morning – August 15 – will be the gastronomic itinerary, organized and organized by the Pro Loco, to open the day of the mid-August proposing to the visitor the chance to taste typical dishes and at the same time discover the beauties of the most beautiful village of Italy. The itinerary studied between streets and alleyways, squares with noble palaces and squares, churches of extreme beauty and breathtaking views will frame the gastronomic journey that will offer various culinary specialties typical of the territory of Petralia Soprana. The event is plasticfree. Also in the morning there will also be a cultural exchange with the representatives of Targu Ocna from the Bacau department of Romania who reciprocate the visit received last year by the mayor of Petralia Soprana Pietro Macaluso on the occasion of the festival of European salt mines, in representation of the association The most beautiful villages in Italy.

In the afternoon, starting at 17.30, it will be the re-enactment of the characteristic "Baronial Marriage" to be the protagonist. A fascinating event, with a parade in period costumes, which represents the marriage celebrated on August 15th 1700 between Donna Catarina Sgadari and Don Giuseppe Di Maria. The folkloristic groups and the Sopranese standard-bearers set the backdrop for the unique and spectacular swinging of their labyrinths dedicated to the Petralia Soprana brotherhoods in the sky. In the evening, at 10.30 pm, Piazza Duomo will become an international stage with the closing of the International Festival of the Worlds which will see the performance of international groups to which the Sicilian ones will be added.

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