Mick Jagger dines at a restaurant in Siracusa, praises their dishes.

Mick Jagger is on vacation in Syracuse and is enjoying some relaxing time with walks and good food. His presence in the city, particularly in Ortigia, was captured in a photo by chef Giovanni Guarneri, who shared it on social media, hinting that the Rolling Stones’ frontman has been to his restaurant before. The chef expressed his gratitude for Jagger’s visit, stating that it is an honor and a pleasure. Jagger has shown his fondness for Sicily in previous years, choosing it as a destination for his vacations. He has shared photos on Instagram, showcasing typical tourist activities such as picking oranges, visiting the Ear of Dionysius, and posing in front of the Greek Theatre in Syracuse with a smile.

Mick Jagger a cena in un ristorante di Siracusa: «È un cliente e ricorda tutti i nostri piatti»

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