Miceli candidate for mayor, the consecration of Leoluca Orlando “Now enough tactics”

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The mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando “consecrates” Franco Miceli’s official on the field as a candidate of the center-left in the next administrative elections in the spring in the city but is now asking the allies for clarity and above all programs and lists.
With an official note, the outgoing first citizen, at the end of his second consecutive term, launches a sort of appeal to the political forces that make up the coalition to break any kind of delay.

“The program must be defined”

“The center-left coalition – begins Orlando – has chosen Franco Miceli, a candidate I know well and have appreciated for many years also for having been a councilor chosen by me in a council chaired by me.
It is now necessary to define as soon as possible a program that will follow up on the many achievements and the many potentialities that have made up the heritage that our city has laboriously achieved for years.
Palermo must resume its path with force and broad democratic participation after two years of pandemic and after critical issues and obstacles caused by the lack of support for the council in the city council by the majority I elected in 2017 “.

Strong personalities and no tactics

According to the “creed” of the outgoing mayor, Palermo and Palermo have the right to choose, in addition to the candidate for mayor, lists with strong and credible personalities: “We must go beyond tactics and the need to guarantee personal positions and beyond any logic of subordination to interests for the next electoral deadlines that do not coincide with the needs of the city ”he adds.

Conditions to be fulfilled to ensure good governance

“All these conditions can and must be fulfilled – concludes Orlando – so that Palermo, also with national financial interventions, as has already happened for other large Italian cities, strongly resumes the path traced in the last ten years, thus continuing its path of innovation and the future in strengthening the municipal administration and in the role it has conquered in the international dimension “.

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