Miceli and the pact for Palermo: “Pnrr resources fundamental for rebirth”

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“A polycentric city in which the needs and desires, daily and otherwise, of citizens are accessible and reachable and in which the public administration is able to manage the complexities of the territory and seize the opportunities that arise”.
Thus Franco Miceli, candidate for mayor of the center left in the next municipal elections to be held on June 12, imagines Palermo.
This was said by himself during the democratic Agora “Sicily and the challenge of the PNRR” which was held yesterday at the Pedro Arrupe center.

An opening for the municipalities excluded from the NRP

These then are the themes at the center of the Pact for Palermo: “A pact with the central government to ensure the city the resources it needs for its rebirth and a pact with citizens”.
And speaking of resources, the NRR is a fundamental tool.
“By not participating in some tenders – declares Miceli – funds have been lost and with them opportunities: a luxury that we cannot allow ourselves and above all the demonstration that we need to make the public administration responsible.
From the emergency and tragic situation determined by the pandemic auction, the conditions for Palermo and Sicily – concludes the candidate for mayor – to move towards a future in which innovation, ecological transition or green community, among other reforms, guarantee a real increase in everyone’s quality of life “.

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